Help! I need to make a computer

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Help! I need to make a computer

Postby Blitter Pill » Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:30 pm

My grandson was talking about needing a computer to do a 'My Calf'? I am concerned because I asked my pastor Rev Tony Mitchell about it and he said that computers are a gateway to the S***n Zone but the kid really wants to do the my calf so i figured I would just make him one (made by real CHRISTIAN values) and surprise him for his birthday. According to my daughter the ones in the shops are made from silicone which is like what HARLOTS make their ch*st implants out of so NONE OF THAT only godly substances please :D also no chemicals he's a growing boy I want him to grow up big and strong like his mum and not like his poor father who is alergic to WiKi signals because he weren't raised right

Thanks go with GOD

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