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QIC-80 Mini Tape Drive

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 2:59 pm
Hi Guys,
Im new to the forum. Great to know you guys are here.
I have a Mini Cassette Tape that im trying to read.
Is there anybody here on the forum that has a QIC-80 tape drive operating so I can see the files copied to the tape, or maybe know where I might start looking or talking to?
many thanks in advance

Re: QIC-80 Mini Tape Drive

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 4:20 pm
by Washerman
Hi Michael!

These forums have been very quiet for a while. It's sort of an offshoot from the Overclockers Australia retro community, but set up and run by one very busy guy, mwd :)

I don't have a QIC-80 drive, but I can check on what format the tape drives I have are - there's one or two in boxes that aren't working around here. Tape is kind of niche these days as it wasn't really a home computer accessory.

You could ask around in a couple of other places too:

Overclockers Australia retro - - sign up to the forums and you should be able to see the forum. Currently going through a Socket 478/A/939/775 focus at the moment. Has a good community though. Trading forums are visible only after 30 days.

Vintage Computer Federation - - a US-based vintage computer forum - probably one of the best places to find out about truly vintage technology, but the trading forums there are US-based.

Vogons - - a gaming-oriented site, but plenty of old school technologists as well. No trading allowed.

There's also Amibay for trading computer stuff, but it's pretty much Euro-centric, and you might not get a response for a long, long time.

Out of curiosity, is there something exciting on the tape? ;)