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Postby roboat » Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:01 pm

Have recently been playing some older game titles around 95-01 and keep thinking to myself would a controller be better. The only controller I used on my modern pc is the xbox360 controller which works brilliantly and after nearly throwing my computer down the driveway trying to get xbcd 1.07 to recognise my controller in windows 98 i've come to the conclusion I need to buy something more time appropriate. I think the main game/s that has me thinking this way is Rayman 2 and the Need for Speed titles, so i'm just wondering who uses them and what do you use?

The ones that have peeked my interest are the logitech rumble pad and rumble pad 2 (xbox and ps controller rip offs).

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Re: Gamepads??

Postby Krumm » Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:16 am

The Gravis gamepad was the classic controller for me, its very much like a SNES controller and it's fairly easy to get usb retro ones off ebay I believe retrolink are the brand assuming your gaming puter has usb ports.

Otherwise Logitech are a solid choice, I had their wireless model the Wingman which is like a 360 design with dual analog sticks was great for design and comfort but both mine and a friends have had battery leaks (they take 4xAA and this is not with them sitting dormant for years).

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