Tell a tale & win

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Tell a tale & win

Postby avalanche » Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:07 pm

I love creative writing. So competition I have in mind is this.
Tell us about your love of computers.
A game you play
Your grandad's old 486
Anything really as long as a little retro mentioned in there.
A good yarn will peak my interest " links to improve this " even better.
Add pic's etc to elevate your entry.

Rules. Your own words please.

Will ask Buubox member to Judge your entries. If OK mwd, we can work out end time as well for competition.

The Prize

BNIB Aopen cd drive
3dfx Voodoo2

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Let the fun begin :)

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Re: Tell a tale & win

Postby BuuBox » Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:33 pm

Happy to judge! :D

If I think of a story, I'll post it up too.

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Re: Tell a tale & win

Postby PhilsComputerLab » Fri Jan 08, 2016 7:37 am

Not my story, and not taking part in the competition.

This is from GOG user JORDANK23, you can find this story on the Wing Commander III store page: ... _the_tiger

The game that saved my life as a teenager

I know that headline is ridiculously, overly, absurdly, stupidly, obnoxiously melodramatic (like this run on sentence), but it is true.
Maybe this "REVIEW" is more about the nostalgia of being 14 locked away in my dimly lit star base (ppl would call it a messy bedroom), spending an entire weekend and into the early hours of the morning, saving the galaxy, hooking up with a girl, making friends and following my own little video game version of "Star Wars".
Dad was down stairs drinking as usual, mom didn't care, I was a nerd, a geek and all I cared about was that my 486/DX 2 66mhz processor that I saved up for could handle this masterpiece of a game.
I'd run upstairs after school looking at that big beautiful box, I'd tear it open and start the install process that took a VERY looooong time! I was impatient, I paced and I skipped dinner, and when those opening credits began those super blurry pixelated fmv gfx looked like 1080p HD graphics of the future. Dad would stumble up the stairs drunk yelling at the world, mom would be crying, I had no one to save me except THAT HEART OF THE TIGER..>>>>ME!!!
I'd hush the speakers so no one knew I was up and I wouldn't get yelled at by the drunk old man....he's asleep YES! Back to the fight!
It was my escapism, it was a truly epic story that I really felt a part of, I MADE CHOICES!!! My choices had an effect on the outcome of certain situations, it's an RPG, ADVENTURE , flight sim all wrapped up in one(u can even see how mass effect took ideas from wing commanders 3/4).
I'm going to download this tonight and put it back in after 17 year (wow), and I know it won't be the same, nothing old ever is and nostalgia does cloud the mind. But I think this weekend an old friend is gonna say to me "kid get in that cockpit and lets have an adventure!" and for a brief moment my ADULT problems will disappear just as those teenage ones did so many years ago.
Thank you wing commander!

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Re: Tell a tale & win

Postby monaro327 » Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:35 pm

I could be wrong but I'm not really sure how this is a tut or how to? While I appreciate what you are trying to do for the forum, I just think this is in the wrong area?

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